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Desantila Gjata, Founding Executive Coach 

Desantila was trained at the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program and received level 2 certification, the highest level awarded in the program. She holds an ICF ACC certification and has served clients in various industries, including education, non-profit, and media & entertainment. Desantila works to partner with and critically challenge clients' leadership development, focusing on optimizing equity and inclusion. The coaching process combines neuroscience-based practices, including the Neethling Brain Instrument and the tenets of Transformational Adult Learning Theory. Clients will incorporate strategic action planning and benchmarks throughout the program for analyzing growth and transformational change.  

Client & Partner Alignment

Our clients are working to expand their personal and organizational leadership capacity to pursue critical outcomes at the self, group, and systems levels. Desantila believes everyone deserves a coach and is committed to working with professionals across all levels of experience and development. For a free consultation, please contact Integrative Coaching Solutions.

Available Services

1:1 Coaching

Leadership Coaching is offered to individuals at varying stages of their careers.

Tip: Ask your company to sponsor your coaching contract as part of your professional development. 

Group Coaching

Explore the benefits of group coaching for emerging and established teams.

This service can be customized to fit your organization's needs and intended outcomes.

DEI&B Development

If you are looking for group Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging programming and facilitation, please contact us, and we will refer you to several qualified and effective practitioners within our network.  



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